An analysis of the topic of dickinsons my life had stood

Usually, when one thinks of a gun, he or she might think of death instead of love. In most cases, when a person owns or has a possession of a gun, that person might use the gun for protection.

An analysis of the topic of dickinsons my life had stood

Though her poems often focused on death, she in fact wrote on many subjects. Life, nature, love, science, heaven, hell, religionwriting, and longing are just a few of the topics she explored.

In many cases her poems seems to have a straightforward message spelled out so that even those who are unfamiliar with poetry are able to see her meaning.

An analysis of the topic of dickinsons my life had stood

In such instances it is necessary to sift through the clues she leaves in her words in order to decipher the hidden meaning. Her seemingly random capitalization, lack of punctuation or obsession with dashes, and incorrect use of grammar were all done deliberately, sometimes to highlight the message that would have otherwise gone unheeded.

Throughout her work, one can see that Dickinson does not seem to care about what is socially accepted. In her poems, instead of trying to hide her dislike of organized religion, she did the opposite and flaunted her views. Emily Dickinson - was an American poet whose work became known only posthumously.

Her poetry is recognized today for its non-standard form and often unusual syntax. Image: artistic rendering of Emily Dickinson by Lisa Perrin.

In A Nutshell

Emily Dickinson rarely published her poems but it was not because she was afraid of criticism, rather that she was unhappy with the editing that her poems went through by those to whom she sent them.

If she was not afraid of criticism, it is likely she simply enjoyed creating poems with double meanings. The first line immediately includes a caesura and sets the stage for the literal meaning of the six stanza poem 1. To paraphrase, the gun stayed in the corner until its owner came and took it.

On the other hand, if one looks deeper into these lines, a connection can be made to a woman and her words. Dickinson is saying that women are powerful, but are the tools of men and often have no choice other than to wait for marriage.

The second stanza tells what the personified gun does. Dickinson uses anaphora in the beginning lines to stress the change that has occurred. This meaning is obvious, despite the figurative language about the mountains echoing.

This line means that females are killed in the world of men, or the power of the female is killed. The men cannot allow the females to get too powerful.

The two interpretations continue into the third stanza. The meaning of the stanza changes if the persona is a woman. Why are they dead? The dash is in the middle of the line, which twists the meaning.

The final stanza, though of a different tone than the rest of the piece, continues on with dual meanings. The gun seems to long for the death that will eventually come to the owner, but will never get because it is not human.

When it comes down to it, the gun was just a tool to be used by its owner and will never be able to find the peace its owner will. Poetry rarely means what it appears to mean.

Often, there is a hidden or double meaning in the seemingly innocent words that are presented to an audience. The perfect place to hide anything is in plain sight, whether it is a forbidden object or a taboo subject matter.The Poem.

An analysis of the topic of dickinsons my life had stood

“My Life had stood—a Loaded Gun—” (the title is not Emily Dickinson’s, since she did not title her poems) is a short poem of twenty-four lines divided into six stanzas.

The poem is written in the first person from the point of view of a speaker who compares her life to “a Loaded Gun.” In fact, the voice of the speaker and the voice. Topics: Poetry, Essay on Analysis of Dickinson's Loaded Gun Poem Her works, My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun and I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died, clearly tell us about the hardships she endured during her lifetime through symbolism and themes of power and mortality.

Essay on Emily Dickinson's Poem, My Life had stooda Loaded Gun - There are dangers and risks if you are a woman and a poet. With a poetic voice comes a vast amount of power. The knowledge and power women gain from their craft can be dangerous.

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A Short Analysis of Emily Dickinson’s ‘My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun’. Jan 5. A reading of a classic Dickinson poem. ‘My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun’ is one of Emily Dickinson’s most popular poems.

Yet it is also an extremely subtle and elliptical piece of poetry, whose meaning proves elusive.

My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun -

Emily Dickinson's My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun Essay Words | 4 Pages. The primary literary strategy in Emily Dickinson’s “My Life Had Stood – a Loaded Gun”, is a metaphor of a gun and its master which is used to represent a wife and her husband. ‘My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun’ by Emily Dickinson describes the sleeping power of a woman who is being wielded by a Master in a male dominated world.

Stanzas The poem begins with the speaker stating that her life has existed up as a “Loaded Gun” in a Emma Baldwin.

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