Segment and profiling examples

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Segment and profiling examples

Modify Your Application For Profiling The Visual Profiler does not require any application changes; however, by making some simple modifications and additions, you can greatly increase its usability and effectiveness.

Section Preparing An Application For Profiling describes how you can focus your profiling efforts and add extra annotations to your application that will greatly improve your profiling experience.

The first step in using the Visual Profiler to profile your application is to create a new profiling session.

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Customer Profiling Defined Resources Key sections to start with are:
Browse Products What is a segment profile?

A session contains the settings, data, and results associated with your application. The Sessions section gives more information on working with sessions.

You can create a new session by selecting the Profile An Application link on the Welcome page, or by selecting New Session from the File menu.

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In the Create New Session dialog enter the executable for your application. Optionally, you can also specify the working directory, arguments, multi-process profiling option and environment.

The muti-process profiling options are: Profile child processes - If selected, profile all processes launched by the specified application.

Segment and profiling examples

Profile all processes - If selected, profile every CUDA process launched on the same system by the same user who launched nvprof. In this mode the Visual Profiler will launch nvprof and user needs to run his application in another terminal outside the Visual Profiler.

User can exit this mode by pressing "Cancel" button on progress dialog in Visual Profiler to load the profile data Profile current process only - If selected, only profile specified application. Press Next to choose some additional profiling options. Start execution with profiling enabled - If selected profile data is collected from the start of application execution.

If not selected profile data is not collected until cudaProfilerStart is called in the application. See Focused Profiling for more information about cudaProfilerStart. Enable concurrent kernel profiling - This option should be selected for an application that uses CUDA streams to launch kernels that can execute concurrently.

If the application uses only a single stream and therefore cannot have concurrent kernel executiondeselecting this option may decrease profiling overhead.

Enable power, clock, and thermal profiling - If selected, power, clock, and thermal conditions on the GPUs will be sampled and displayed on the timeline. Collection of this data is not supported on all GPUs. See the description of the Device timeline in Timeline View for more information.

Enable unified memory profiling - If selected for the GPU that supports Unified Memory, the Unified Memory related memory traffic to and from each GPU is collected on your system and displayed on timeline. Run guided analysis - If selected, the guided analysis is run immediately after the creation of a new session.

Segment Profile Examples

Uncheck this option to disable this behavior. Collection of this data is only supported on Linux and PGI This currently includes the Pthread API, mutexes and condition variables. For performance reasons, only those API calls that influence concurrent execution are recorded and collection of this data is not supported on Windows.These are all examples of how profiling, segmentation and modeling probably hasn't been done to reach you with the most relevant messaging possible.

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To merely set it. Optional segments and fields will be enclosed in brackets [ ] e.g., [AL1] indicates that the allergy segment is optional. Some segments may, on an optional basis, be repeated within the message.

A segment profile would also provide a demographic and psychographic description of the segment, along with key measures of segment size and growth. An example of how to construct a segment profile is provided below as well.

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