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Seminar report format mit

April showers bring May flowers. This, however, is not true for the 67 million people living in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.

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For those residing and working in the popular centers of this country, certain times of the year bring a thick layer of smog and smoke that brings with it a real health threat. Air pollution is no new phenomenon. But is there any truth in this?

Is air quality bad in Thailand? I want to know if living in Thailand is a recipe for a respiratory disease and poor general health as a result of air pollution. Or is it all roses, as we are often led to believe?

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So I decided to investigate: In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that each year 2 million people die prematurely from the poisonous gases that make up smog. When discussing air quality and air pollution, the amount of particulates in the atmosphere is of the utmost importance, as they generally have the most adverse effects on human health.

So I'll mostly refer to these two factors in my comparisons.

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How Bad is the Air Pollution in Bangkok? Bangkok is the second most polluted province in Thailand, behind Saraburi. It is worthwhile to note that some areas of Bangkok register much higher on the scale than others.

The level of pollution does depend on where you are. It also depends on the wind factor, because pollution will gather and stick around smog if the wind doesn't blow it away from the city. This is seen clearly here at the Plume websitewhere some days the advice is that it's good to be out and about, and on other days the advice is to be very cautious.

Seminar report format mit

For example, Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon, where many factories are based, measured andrespectively. Again, both very unhealthy. There are some areas of Bangkok with more healthy pollution readings, but you have to be careful when looking at the data, because often key data is missing.

More on that later. When we look at another reading of Pathum Thani with the PM10 data included, the picture not so healthy. And remember this still doesn't include PM 2.

When we look at Bangkok PM10 levels vs. Unfortunately, Bangkok is getting worse. The annual average air quality in was 72, with a high of over This rate of expansion will only result in further pollution, unless drastic measures are brought in to combat diesel vehicles and factory emissions.

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Seminar report format mit

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