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Skywest cas

December 21, — December 24, That such a scenario could possibly occur under SkyWest's compensation scheme, however, is insufficient to state a plausible claim; the plaintiffs have not provided a single instance where SkyWest failed to pay an FA the minimum wage as mandated under federal law over the course of a workweek.

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These claims suffer from the same failure to plead inadequate compensation over the course of a workweek. Beyond that shortcoming, which in theory can be corrected, the plaintiffs' IMWL claims suffer from several other defects that cannot be remedied.

For the same reasons their FLSA minimum wage claims are dismissed—failure to plead any facts indicating they received less than minimum wage in any given workweek—Stover and Sze's IMWL minimum wage claims must be dismissed. Mortgage Specialists of Illinois, Inc. Hard Rock Concrete Cutters, Inc.

The IMWL overtime claims fail for the same reason: There are no allegations that Stover worked overtime. Although the Amended Complaint includes allegations that Sze worked overtime, it also states that she Skywest cas paid "one and one-half times her regular pay" for that overtime work.

The general allegation regarding overtime—"SkyWest FAs are not paid a higher rate of pay for hours worked over 40 hours per week," Am. The Policy Manual further explains that when SkyWest assigns an FA a pairing on a scheduled day off or requires that an FA is junior manned, she is compensated at time and a half.

That Sze only received one and one-half times her regular pay when she was junior manned—i. With respect to Hirst, and extrapolating from the pairing details she provides, the plaintiffs argue, "Depending on the start and finish day of the workweek, [Hirst] is likely to have.

That there is a possibility that Hirst had a workweek exceeding 40 hours and that she was not paid time and a half for the additional hours is insufficient to satisfy Rule 8 and the plausibility standard of Twombly and Iqbal. See Iqbal, U.

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Hirst has access to at least some of her pairing details; 11 if there is a workweek in which she worked over 40 hours and was not compensated accordingly, she is able to identify those facts.

See Runnion ex rel. Because none of the plaintiffs has alleged a single workweek in which she worked any overtime hours that were not compensated at a time-and-a-half rate, they have failed to state a plausible IMWL overtime claim.

The plaintiffs' attempt to invoke the IMWL, moreover, cannot be cured simply by pleading that the plaintiffs worked so much that they were paid less than minimum wage or qualified for overtime.

Bridgeview Bank Mortgage Co. State laws—federal laws, too, for that matter—presumptively lack extraterritorial reach. Nat'l Australia Bank Ltd. Thus, to state a claim under the IMWL, the plaintiffs must not only allege that they were not adequately compensated for hours worked in a given workweek but also must allege that the plaintiffs worked those hours in Illinois.

SkyWest's "Jurisdictional" Arguments In addition to its arguments based on the plaintiffs' failure to allege facts sufficient to plausibly establish violations of the IMWL, SkyWest also asserts that the IMWL claims must be dismissed pursuant to Rule 12 b 1 because the Court lacks jurisdiction over those claims.

Skywest cas

Whatever the substantive merit of these arguments considered belowneither the Commerce Clause nor any of the preemptive acts asserted by SkyWest deprive the court of jurisdiction to adjudicate the plaintiffs' state law claims.

· The Ohio State University’s Center for Aviation Studies and SkyWest Airlines are teaming up to help selected Ohio State flight students launch a career with SkyWest Airlines after SkyWest, Inc. SkyWest is one of the most successful companies of its time primarily due to its remarkable turnaround of the recent acquisition it made of Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) in late Ramp Agents are part of the SkyWest customer service team.

Their responsibilities include: marshaling aircraft, loading/unloading and sorting freight and baggage, servicing the aircraft, assisting with pushback and towing, deicing and other duties as Furthermore, the SkyWest employee handbook specifically states that SkyWest “may alter or terminate” employment at-will.

See Mot. at Accordingly, SkyWest retained its default right under section to terminate Cuevas at (COS Departures) Track the current status of flights departing from (COS) Colorado Springs Municipal Airport using FlightStats flight  · Welcome to Airline Pilot Forums - Connect and get the inside scoop on Airline Companies If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ.

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