The change of the nature

Conversion of forests to croplands and wetlands to shrimp farms has fed a human population that has more than doubled since the s, but at a devastating cost to other species — such as pollinating insects and oxygen-producing plants — on which our climate, economy and well-being depend.

The change of the nature

These are big challenges to volunteer conservationists, natural resource professionals and the organizations working to manage, protect and preserve the forests, uplands, wetlands, streams and lakes of Northwest Lower Michigan.

Responding to the Challenge First launched in MarchNature Change is a new multimedia magazine created as a cooperative venture for regional nonprofit organizations involved in protecting and managing the lands and waters of Northwest Lower Michigan.

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Our mission is to inform a regional public discussion about options for the sustainable management of natural resources during this time of increasingly rapid change. We want to build conservation literacy among citizens and local officials to inform the choices we all must make in preserving, protecting, adapting and re-locating both plant and animal species.

The Critical Conversation Nature Change is intended to fuel public discussions about natural resource management and adaptation in response to climate change, invasive species, changing Great Lakes water levels and other environmental challenges.

Focused on Northwest Lower Michigan, this magazine delivers beautifully illustrated text-based articles, photo-essays, and short video presentations that bear witness to the on-going changes in our natural resources, document the responses of volunteer conservationists and natural resource organizations, and grapple with the challenges of adapting to change.

LIAA is the financial manager and welcomes tax-exempt contributions to Nature Change from individuals, businesses, foundations and others.


Please contact LIAA to find out how you can support this unique, nonprofit multimedia magazine. The list of nonprofit organizations currently participating in the development of Nature Change are:The Nature of Change Whether they’re aware of it or not, all people keep a running account of what’s happening to them, what it means, and what they should do.

In other words, our minds are constantly monitoring and interpreting. Behavior change has not yet been extensively incorporated into conservation practice planning, design, or overall thinking.

On December 4, , this year’s Fuller Symposium brought together a diverse array of experts from the behavior sciences to tackle how we can better integrate behavioral strategies and interventions into conservation practice to produce more effective outcomes for nature. A magical long weekend for the whole family exploring nature and the history of life under the stars.

Nature of Organisational Change: Fig. summarises the na­ture of organisational change. It represents the forces for change and brings into focus the distinction between two types of change—planned and reactive.

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Currently offering doula services and labour support in Calgary and area. The Nature of Change - girls to women education and wellness services. Currently offering doula services and labour support in Calgary and area.

The change of the nature

Human destruction of nature is rapidly eroding the world’s capacity to provide food, water and security to billions of people, according to the most comprehensive biodiversity study in more than.

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