The circuit

An open circuit doesn't, which means that it's not functional. If this is your first exposure to circuits, you might think that when a circuit is open, it's like an open door or gate that current can flow through. And when it's closed, it's like a shut door that current can't flow through.

The circuit

They also re-close to make a circuit after the fault is removed. To enable this open and close operation, it is operated by either a remote relay or a local switch.

A remote relay is located at a remote location such as a control room while the switch is located inside the circuit breaker junction box.

Understanding the breaker scheme is important if you plan on designing a substation. Quite often, it is overwhelming to make sense of the entire scheme at a glance. Close and Trip Circuit of a Breaker Forms of Contact Before explaining The circuit each device in the scheme does, understanding the different forms of auxiliary contact is necessary.

When the breaker is closed, the 52a contacts are closed.

The circuit

Apart from breaker contacts, you will see relays such as anti-pump relay 52Y, low gas relay 63X, under voltage relay 27 etc in the breaker scheme. The contacts from each of these relays are interlocked with other relays in such a way that they either permit or not permit the breaker operation.

Circuit Breaker Trip Coil Figure 1 depicts a trip coil of the breaker. For brevity, I will cover The circuit trip coil no. From the diagram, the breaker is fitted with a 43 switch that toggles between local trip and remote trip.

Switching it to remote position permits the relays in the control house to close their contact and trip the breaker. Notice in Figure 1 how the contacts from this relay are strategically placed in the close and trip circuit to cut out any signal from the relays or switches.

At this point, the reader should realize the importance of contact development. All contacts operate only when the trip coil of their respective relay is energized.

For instance, consider the 63 relay and its contacts shown in in figure 1. This relay is energized by the same DC source as the one supplying the breaker.

However its trip coil is actuated by a transducer that can sense a fall in SF6 gas pressure. When this occurs, it switches its contacts located in different circuits to prevent any breaker operation. Similarly, the 27 undervoltage relay trip coil is connected across the DC source.

When this supply is interrupted, the relay switches its contact position. This change can be relayed to an alarm or initiate some other action. To trip the breaker from a remote location, all contacts from relays at the remote location shall be hard-wired. Yes, this means laying a lot of copper from the breaker cabinet to the relays.

Further, all tripping contacts are wired in parallel. Target Devices Now, you may notice the red target lamp is connected in a way that will essentially short out the remote relays and trip the breaker.

Not surprisingly, this is not the case. Target lamps are used in circuits to convey certain conditions. With the breaker closed and energized, the red lamp illuminates to indicate a live breaker.

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When the breaker opens the green lamp illuminates — the circuit complete with 52b contact switching from open to close. Most modern circuit breakers are specified with two trip coils. Since a good amount of redundancy is built into the protection and control of a power system, it is not uncommon to see all primary relaying in the system tripping trip coil 1 and the back-up tripping trip coil 2.

Remote relays are wired in as shown in Figure 1. There are two relaying elements in the close circuit. There is the close contact from a breaker control relay. This contact is then tied in series with a string of lockout relay LOR contacts all in series. Read more on lockout relays here.

Anti-Pump Relays To prevent inadvertent multiple closing operation, breakers are fitted with anti-pump relay.


Assume a scenario where a fault persists on a line and a person is looking to close a breaker on it. Although the person presses the close button for a second or two, for the breaker which operates in cycles, this duration is an eternity.

With the close button pressed, the breaker attempts to open and close multiple times. Since the motor in the breaker is not rated for continuous duty, serious damage can occur. Modern breaker control relays are programmed to check for synchronism.In a series circuit, the same current flows through all the total voltage across the circuit is the sum of the voltages across each component, and the total resistance is the sum of the resistances of each component.

The circuit

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