Tsunami and consequential poverty

October 9,2:

Tsunami and consequential poverty

And thank you, Suzanne, for bringing us together today. I am honored to be with you, especially in these beautiful surroundings.

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For almost sixty years, this organization has connected cultures— Asian and American—our ideas, leaders and people. Of course, one of those people, a real presence here at the Asia Society, was your chairman and my friend of thirty years, Richard Holbrooke.

Tsunami and consequential poverty

Richard was famous for his work from the Balkans to South Asia. Richard dedicated himself to the idea that progress and peace was possible—a lesson we carry forward, not only in Southwest Asia, where he worked so hard, but across the Asia-Pacific.

Last November, I gave a speech in Washington outlining how the United States is rebalancing our global posture to reflect the growing importance of Asia. This is especially timely because this is a period of transition in Asia.

New leaders have taken office in Tokyo and Seoul.

Tsunami and consequential poverty

President Obama and those of us on his national security team have already had constructive conversations with each incoming leader. These changes remind us of the importance of constant, persistent U.

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Every Administration faces the challenge of ensuring that cascading crises do not crowd out the development of long-term strategies to deal with transcendent challenges and opportunities.

Since then the United States has put in place a set of policies that have put our economy on the path to recovery, and helped create six million U. At the same time, renewing U.

We asked what the U. We set out to identify the key national security interests that we needed to pursue. We looked around the world and asked: Where are we underweighted? That assessment resulted in a set of key determinations.

It was clear that there was an imbalance in the projection and focus of U. At the same time, we were underweighted in other regions, such as the Asia-Pacific. Indeed, we believed this was our key geographic imbalance. Economically, Asia already accounts for more than one-quarter of global GDP.

Over the next five years, nearly half of all growth outside the United States is expected to come from Asia. This growth is fueling powerful geopolitical forces that are reshaping the region: The stakes for people on both sides of the Pacific are profound.

It is a definitive statement of U. To pursue this vision, the United States is implementing a comprehensive, multidimensional strategy: These are the pillars of the U. It does not mean containing China or seeking to dictate terms to Asia.George Herbert Walker Bush was born at Adams Street in Milton, Massachusetts, on June 12, , to Prescott Sheldon Bush and Dorothy (Walker) Bush.

The Bush family moved from Milton to Greenwich, Connecticut, shortly after his metin2sell.comg up, he used the nickname "Poppy". Bush began his formal education at the Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich.

When the man finally entered the planetary community, leaving the soil of the terrestrial world to step first lunar soil. Man, by his own effort, earned the right and the possibility of traveling to the moon, a fact which materialized in July 20, And while development picks up around the island, with shining new roads leading the way to luxury tourist destinations, many are yet to come to terms with the loss, trauma and poverty that the tsunami brought into their lives.

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